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Collectable Cretaceous Fossils

Collectable Cretaceous Fossils

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Elasmosaurus was a full time marine reptile, however like all reptiles, it had to breath air.  Elasmasaurus could reach lengths of up to 50 feet, and weighed up to 10 tons.  The majority of its diet consisted of fish, however it was likely able to catch and feed on squid as well.  Its features included a long neck which contained over 70 vertebrae, a stocky body and four large paddle-like fins it used to maneuver through the water and catch its prey.  It's believed that Elasmasaurus was a slow swimmer but its long flexible neck made it much easier to catch fast and agile fish and squid.

Spinosaurus was a the largest carnivorous dinosaur.Spinosaur translates to "spine lizard", due to its most distinct feature which was a sail on its back that had protruding spines that grew out of its spine.  The spines could grow up to seven feet long, while Spinosaurus itself could reach lengths of 50 to 60 feet from head to tail, and could weigh almost 10 tons!  That's about as much as four pick-up truck.

A Pterosaur is an extinct winged reptile that made its first appearance in the late Triassic period and existed all the way into the end of the Cretaceous period.  It is believed that these flying reptiles could fly at speeds exceeding 60 miles per hour!  Pterosaurs varied in size, with the smallest having a wingspan of only 10 inches, and largest having a wingspan of almost 40 feet!  Pterosaur fossils have been found all over the world from China, to Germany, and the Americas.

Mosasaurus was a marine reptile.  It as well as the Elasmosaurus could travel from inland rivers to the ocean.  The largest species of mosasaurs could get up to 50 feet long and weigh as much as 15 tons.  These predators would eat anything that could fit inside its massive jaws.  Everything from plesiosaurs, to fish, to great white sharks were not safe from becoming mosasaurus' next meal.

One of the oldest living animals in all the animal kingdom is the crocodile.  The earliest crocodilians date back 200 million years to the Triassic period, and have since become one of the most efficient and formidable predators to have ever existed.  Reaching lengths of over 20 feet long, and in some cases weighing in at over 2,000 pounds, these reptiles are by all standards are built for the kill.  Scientists believe some species of crocodiles can live close to 100 years.

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