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Roof Repair Campaign

Roof Repair Campaign

$ 25.00

We have a special request that we hope that you will be able to help us with. Over the past few years, the roof on the main museum has been leaking. As with any old building (ours was built in the early 1900’s), occasional repairs are a necessity.
In 2018, we contracted a company to replace our roof, then Hurricane Florence occurred. Luckily, we were spared the direct impact of Florence’s wrath. We did, however, suffer additional roof damage which has resulted in more leaks!
Although the damage was extensive, it wasn't enough to exceed the deductible for an insurance claim to repair. The cost of replacing the roof and interior repairs will be around $20,000, and that’s if the roofers don’t uncover additional issues. Our fingers and toes are crossed that they won’t!
All of this leads us to begin a Roof Repair Campaign to raise the funds to repair the roof and mitigate against subsequent interior damage. We are asking our museum supporters to consider donating to our Roof Repair Campaign. If funds are raised beyond those needed for the roof repair, they will go into a special account for future building repairs.
As a small 501(c)(3) nonprofit museum with a local, regional, national, and worldwide impact we hope that our supporters will come together to address this important goal: to keep the infrastructure of the Aurora Fossil Museum in good functional repair.
All donations (which are tax deductible) will receive a letter of appreciation and donations of $100 or more will also receive special recognition in a designated area in the museum as well as on our website. While the Roof Repair Campaign is active, we will be posting shout-outs on our social media accounts.
In closing, we hope that you will consider helping us with this important campaign.
Yours in anticipation,
The Aurora Fossil Museum Team

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