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Giants in the Storm - Book

Giants in the Storm - Book

$ 30.00

Giants in the Storm, by the avocational paleontologist Mark Renz, is a book about how he stumbles onto an ancient graveyard of mammoths, mastodons, sloths, horses, llamas, deer, peccaries, saber-toothed cats, jaguars, bears, wolves, snakes and alligators. Was it a major storm, flood, drought of plague that killed so many creatures at once? What signs do scientists look for to determine cause and time of death? What are the ethical considerations for amateurs who come across such a site? Do you keep the bones for yourself, sell them on e-bay, or donate them to a museum of the greater public good? Close to 800 field photos offer readers a rare glimpse at the final moments in the lives of these animals.

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